Everything Is Gonna Be All White: The Most Racist Documentary Ever?

Credit: Showtime
Showtime recently backed and will be streaming one of the most racist documentaries ever.

This documentary sets out to make the argument that everything is racist and specifically due to whites and white culture.

From the beginning of the trailer the black woman speaking starts out by stating "I think what annoys me most about white people is when they pretend they're the victim". As if white people have never experienced any hardship or *gasp* never been victims of slavery in history.
Watch the trailer:
As a matter of fact some historical analysis shows whites were commonly held as slaves.
Is this a definitive analysis? Certainly not. However to make statements that lead the consumer to assume that blacks are the only victims of slavery is dangerous and inaccurate. Just look at what has occured over the last few years with riots and the burning down of cities at the hands of evil members of BLM and other factious groups fighting what what they call "racial equality". 

There is no amount of legislation that can change a man's heart to love people of all colors but the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We see this in Galatians 3:28 when the Apostle Paul, a direct emissary of Jesus Christ, when speaking of the divide of Jew and Greek. In that time it was clear the division just like we see today. But God bridges that divide. There is no more divide between men from different backgrounds but a clear one man, one nation, one race, in Jesus Christ.

How is this possible? All men are sinners in God's sight. Therefore we all are in the same standing before the creator of this world. And once we come into contact with the sacrifice of God's son, Jesus. The fact He died for sinners. And all those who come to Him by faith are now being fitted into Jesus Christ to make a new humanity.

This is the solution to racism, hatred, and all the other sins of this world.
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