What are your kids learning in public school?

When you think about school, particularly public school especially if you were born circa the 1990’s you remember being taught the general curriculum.

Math, science, English, social studies (not social justice studies), etc. you learned about our racist history, you learned about US slavery, you learned about Columbus (and how he didn’t “discover” America. Education back then in a sense was decent. But now parents must wonder what’s going on in their child’s classroom because teachers have been found to have agendas namely sexual agendas, ideological and societal. 

Across the dis-United States we have states that are forced to pass legislation just to stop teachers from speaking about their sexual deviancy and these predatory teachers are coming out stating they are fearful what this would do to their 4+ year olds. Just listen to what this elementary school teacher says he’s afraid of regarding this topic.
So you see that there is a desire to be grooming your children with perversion from the earliest stages of life.

While the mainstream media propaganda machine has labeled the new bill in Florida signed by Gov DeSantis the “Don’t say gay” bill nowhere in the language of DeSantis nor in the bill does it use such language, and it covers all sexual speak. For more details on this bill check out this article by Timcast “Florida Governor DeSantis Signs Bill Protecting Parental Rights in Education”
For a biblical understanding of education for you children please watch Children of Caesar PT1 and PT2
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