“Conservatives” who call evil good; Florida's anti-grooming law; Disney's depravity


This week several "conservative" media personalities and outlets posted messages in support of the popular commentator, Dave Rubin, who announced that he and his so-called "husband" are expecting a child. Rubin is a homosexual, Jewish media personality who was formerly a social and political "liberal," but now considers himself a "conservative."  Over the past couple of years, he has become a darling of many conservative media outlets because he does not fit the stereotype of someone who champions conservative causes.  As a former liberal activist, he has some knowledgeable insights into the thinking of the political left in America, so he is a valuable tool to the "establishment" conservatives.

There are a growing number of similar homosexual commentators and media personalities who brand themselves as conservatives, including:  Ric Grenell (President Trump's National Security Advisor and Ambassador to Germany), Guy Benson (FOX News contributor), Rob Smith (Iraq war vet and FOX News contributor who has been referred to as "America's Favorite Black, Gay Republican," and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner).
What is being brushed under the rug is that Rubin and his partner are not "having a baby" because that would be impossible.  They are spending tens of thousands of dollars to "buy" a baby using rented wombs.  They will be willfully, gleefully making a child an orphan by denying it a mother in order to satisfy their desire to have their lifestyle approved and normalized.

 This is nothing to celebrate, and those who do so are not truly "conservative" if they cannot stand against that which is abominable in God's sight.  People that celebrate this have compromised one of the most important truths we need to "conserve." They've made a deal with the devil in order to have more people on their "side."  These people can agree on fiscal policy, size of government, taxes, and even abortion, but if they aren't standing up for the preservation of the family as God defines it, they are not "conserving" anything.
 So, though you may find some of these people and sources helpful, do not be fooled into thinking they are friends of the gospel, or that they even understand basic truth if they are are not willing to stand up to the homosexual mob and say, "No, I'm not going to congratulate you over your sinful, selfish, destructive behavior."  The names of some of the people/entities which have called this particular evil good (Isaiah 5:20) are:  FOX News, Glenn Beck, Blaze TV, and Prager U.

The following two short videos (from Doug Wilson and Allie Beth Stuckey) give excellent analysis of Dave Rubin's announcement and the congratulations he received, and are well worth your time for their thoughtful, biblical analysis:

The following articles are must-reads if you have children.

The first explains how the homosexual lobby, leftist politicians, corporate media, and corporate elites are attempting to discredit Florida's new Parental Rights in Education law prohibiting public school teachers from discussing homosexuality and gender identity with children under seven years old.  (Frankly, the law does not go far enough and should have prohibited them from discussing all sexual topics for all ages in the school systems, however, this is still a good start.)  This article exposes their true agenda of grooming children for a sexually deviant lifestyle. These groups want to indoctrinate young children because they can't produce any of their own.  They need new recruits, and the best ones are those who are malleable.
The second exposes a meeting held this week for all employees of the Walt Disney Corporation to explain the company's position opposing Florida's new law.  In the video, various spokespersons explain the intentional, corporate-approved actions they've been taking to infuse the homosexual agenda into everything the company does.  I am not usually a fan of boycotts, but I make some exceptions based on egregiousness of the offense.  This crosses the line by a long shot and should cause any Christian who is considering spending money with this company to strongly reconsider whether they should support a corporation that hates them and their Lord.  (That doesn't just mean going to the theme parks, but it includes:  Disney+ subscriptions, princess products, movies, and merchandise.)
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