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People are most easily manipulated when they are uninformed of facts and ignorant of the truth. That's why the Bereans were commended for checking out everything they heard (Acts 17:11) and why the men of Issachar were called out as men who understood the times (1 Chron. 12:32). Evil thrives in darkness and it fears the light of truth shining upon it. I've been fascinated this week to watch the events unfold around Elon Musk's attempted takeover of Twitter.

While the majority of you do not use Twitter (only around 20% of the population does), it is nonetheless a very influential platform for politicians, powerful elites, and the media. It is one of those things that impacts us much more than we realize. That's why it's been curious to see the reaction of those who claim to be guardians of democracy and the "fact checkers" of society become completely apoplectic at the news that Mr. Musk wants to purchase Twitter.

The reason they are so beside themselves is that he wants to remove all the algorithms (behind the scenes programming controls that filter and block content) and human filtering from Twitter and transform it into "an unrestricted free speech platform." What are some examples of the things the algorithms and human filtering are blocking, you might ask? Here are two very recent examples:

  • Just last month, Issues & Insights (I&I) reported a poll it conducted with TIPP, the most accurate predictor of the last five presidential elections, regarding people’s feelings about COVID. The survey found 65% of Americans think COVID policy in the United States is “driven by politics,” with only 21% believing it’s “driven by science.” The poll was scientific, conducted by a respected source and accurately reported.  Yet, Google and Twitter blocked it, labeling it “dangerous and derogatory content."
  • Also in March, I&I released a poll showing that 67% of Republicans wanted President Donald Trump on the 2024 ballot while only 37% of Democrats wanted President Joe Biden on the ticket. Google called this “unreliable and harmful” and Twitter banned it from being posted or shared.
  • And let's not forget that Twitter, FaceBook, and Google shut down the New York Post's headline story in October 2020 that exposed the Hunter Biden laptop that had been turned in to the FBI. They labeled it "unverified" and "misinformation" despite the fact that the Post is the nation's oldest newspaper, with a stellar record of investigative journalism.
What is dangerous, derogatory, unreliable, or harmful about one of the most respected survey companies in the world publishing the results of questions it asked? The answer is that the surveys' results contradicted the narratives of the media and political elites. The results are not the "reality" that they want you to believe. What's wrong with allowing a major newspaper to publishing the findings of a reputable journalist's investigation? The answer is that the news would have harmed the tech oligarchs' preferred candidate only weeks before a presidential election.

Some progressives are calling his plan "dangerous" and have already resorted to comparing Mr. Musk to Hitler simply because he wants no filters on what can be posted on Twitter. While Elon Musk is certainly not a Christian, we should fully support his--and anyone else's--attempts to keep all sources of media and information free from bias. His approach would destroy the tech and media oligarchs' ability to shape perceptions, influence politics, and control information.

Many Christian social media influences and organizations have been banned or have seen their content not being distributed on Twitter. All indicators point to the algorithms and human agents filtering content that contradicts their anti-Christian narratives.

The following two recent stories highlight the woeful state of affairs regarding the average American's sources of information and their understanding of truth:
Bereans, don't be fooled. Choose your information sources wisely, and filter all of them through the lens of Scripture. A biblical worldview will protect you from being manipulated. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction." (Prov. 1:7).
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