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This week I'm going to share a couple of random links that I've kept in the "hopper" for a few weeks.
The first is a short podcast that addresses a common theme coming from some conservative politicians and prominent evangelical leaders (increasingly being referred to as "Big Eva"). It's the idea that we should be more passive and "nice" toward those who are pushing the cultural rot in our society. For example, these people are arguing that it is unkind to refer to those pushing sexual indoctrination of children as "groomers" or to call what they advocate "grooming." In another example, they are saying that it was wrong for the Florida legislature and governor to remove Disney's special tax status because it is a form of getting revenge.

While we should always guard the motives of our heart, these arguments are usually not valid because they are taking Scripture out of context to use it as a cudgel against Christians to make us be silent in the "culture wars." For the most part, these people fear man and want the approval of the media and social elites. They are embarrassed by the focus on social issues and prefer to debate about tax rates and trade policies. They fail to recognize that we are in a war to the death.
Those pushing the liberal, godless social agenda want all vestiges of biblical morals removed from society. They want no restraints, and to give them an inch is to cede a mile to them. In a matter of a few decades we've gone from "We just want to love who we love," to "We demand that we have access to small children to change their gender without the knowledge of their parents."

Believers are under no obligation to sugarcoat sin by giving it "nice" names. The context of the passages they typically use applies between persons, and often only between believers. When we are talking about the governing authorities and the making of laws, Christians have every right to advocate the placing of limits on corporations and to speak factually about anything that does not protect the innocent from evildoers. The Bible is not telling us to be "nice" to corporations who spend tens of millions of dollars to promote and propagate perversion, nor does it say that we have to support tax breaks and special privileges for them. God ordained government to promote the flourishing of mankind, not its destruction.

Though I do not always agree with some of his methods or opinions, A.D. Robles hits the nail on the head about knowing when to confront evil publicly.
This article gives some excellent insight as to the driving forces behind the sinister efforts to limit fossil fuels (at least those from western nations). In short, adherents of the "climate alarmism" are very similar to cult members. They have searched for an alternative to God. Their particular form of rebellion has been to elevate the created order above the Creator (Rom. 1:25). It was the Creator who commanded us to subdue the earth and exercise dominion over it (Gen 1:28). This command would encompass using every resource we can for the benefit of mankind.
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