Where Our SBC Dollars Went: A Statement From Tom Ascol

The SBC is the largest Protestant denomination of Christians in the United States as well as the largest Baptist organization in the U.S. 

This arm of evangelicalism has been under fire for the last few years due to a recent shift in the position the SBC takes on social justice, homosexuality and other issues. 

Recently there was a move to change leadership and a Pastor out of Cape Coral by the name of Tom Ascol has been shaking up the largest Protestant denomination convention. 

Pastor Tom Ascol is running for SBC President in hopes to change the direction of the SBC. 

June 7, 2022 Pastor Tom revealed on Twitter that money that 47,000 members gave to the SBC went to a LGBTQ+ affirming organization named Guidepost. 

Here’s what Pastor Tom had to say about it:

“This is who we gave our tithe dollars to? 

I & 47,000 other SBC pastors, plus millions of faithful members feel betrayed. We paid $millions to a LGBT-affirming & proud organization to guide us on moral & spiritual matters!?
Is there no fear of God?

They are trying to play us…AGAIN! 

Brothers & sisters, we have a Book. We must use it. I pray that the messengers do the right thing & instruct the EC to use Christians, & THE BIBLE, to redraft these recommendations. 

Let's get to Anaheim. Let’s #changethedirection“ 
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