Your Church Could Be The Next Target

Wautaga, TX - Residents of the city of Wautaga have flooded the police department with complaints about hate speech sermons coming from Steadfast Baptist Church pastored by Jonathan Shelley.

They are known to be affiliated with who has been branded as the most banned preacher in the world Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church located in Tempe Arizona, known for his outlandish sermons, his views that the King James Bible is the only legitimate English Bible, homosexuals cannot be saved and changed, he even prays for them to go to hell and many more false teachings.
The Wautaga police department has released a public statement on the reports about the hate speech sermons by Steadfast Baptist Church and it states 

"The Watauga Police Department has received multiple complaints from citizens regarding a recent sermon from Stedfast Baptist Church. First, the Watauga Police Department would like to affirm our commitment to making Watauga a Great Place to Live for all people. The Watauga Police Department values diversity and will continue to protect people’s right to express their identities. Any message that promotes hatred toward any class or group of people is absolutely counter to the culture of the Watauga Police Department. The language used by the Pastor of the Stedfast Baptist Church is likely to be offensive to many people. However, at this time, the reported language of the sermon appears to be Constitutionally protected free speech. We will continue to monitor this evolving situation."
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