Christian Book Publisher Compromised Statement On LGBTQia Stance

The church in America is being pushed into progressive ideology and the same goes for its respective organizations and parachurch ministries.

Issues ranging from race, sexuality and public governance positions are among the many things the Christian Church in America are being faced with.

Historically the church has always had some version of conservatism when it came to social issues such as homosexual practice is sinful, abortion is murder, marriage is only between one man and one woman, etc.

More and more churches across the United States are becoming more tolerant of liberal values such as affirming  LGBTQ believers, abortion in some circumstances are allowable and even needed, that women can be pastors abd due to public pressure and shaming campaigns companies and ministries alike are being forced to publicly declare what their positions are on traditionally orthodox doctrines.
Eerdmans publishing founded by William B Eerdmans in 1911 in Grand Rapids, MI with a historical reformed view started selling books while attending Calvin Theological Seminary. Their position on the current day battles in the church have always been that which the protestant church has held for thousands of years on the murder of the unborn and sodomy.

Published books by Eerdmans historically showed that they held doctrinally to what the Bible says. 

In the last few weeks it has come to surface that they are now publishing pro homosexual theology material as seen here.
And when asked on social media for a clarification this is the response they provided:
I was able to reach out and request for a comment directly calling for an official stance the company takes.
Their response???
Have they comprised? 

Let us know with a share.
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