Testimony of seminary student who died at graduation; the climate cult


My wife and I witnessed the death of a seminary graduate during the commencement ceremony of The Master's Seminary on May 8.  After receiving the diploma he had spent the last three years studying to obtain, and upon shaking the hand of the seminary president, D.J. Mattson went home to be with his Lord in the presence of over 1,000 people assembled in Grace Community Church. It was an event that will forever impact me, and I'm sharing the video of his testimony given only a few days before his death.  I pray that it will edify you, encourage you, strengthen your faith, and remind you of the brevity of life and the certainty of death.
The following is an eye-opening article about the end goals of the climate cultists.  Remember, these people have rejected God's laws. Indeed, they have cast His commandments aside altogether as a measurement of what is right and good.  Therefore, they have to make up new categories of sin for which they can declare themselves "not guilty" and for which they can declare Christians "guilty."  

Saving the environment/planet has become the religion by which they can justify themselves and condemn others.  In the meantime, they are using climate hysteria to destroy the institutions they hate while shifting power to themselves.  It's a scheme of the devil, so don't fall for it.  
Be wise, Bereans.
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