Gay Navy Training And The Decline of Western Culture

Currently in the culture at large there has been a major shift. A shift that is designed and curated to destroy any semblance of normalcy. 

This shift has been a long time in the making. We have in the 60's a sexual revolution into the 70's. In the 80's we have the surge of sexually transmitted diseases particularly with those committing sodomy. Instead of the warning of sodomite behavior the culture commended and supported it. And now we have Naval Training that encourages calling she's, he's; he's, she's, and a whole host of other silly pronouns of self choosing if you don't feel like the gender or sex you were born.
Should you have been raised with a biblical worldview you know this is a sign of God's judgement on a society. 

Romans 1 perfectly outlines a systematic decline of a society because the minds of the people are not focused on God and rather focused on the self and self gratification to such a degree that one degenerate act leads to more and the way God describes this is Him "handing you over to a debased mind". 

This country needs a serious revival and this should serve as a reminder to be in God's word, pray, preach, and to do Kingdom work.
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