US Senate Candidate Caught Telling Inmate They Need "Secret Sleepers"

Project Veritas just uncovered another bombshell from a US Senate Candidate Krystle Matthews from South Carolina.

In a leaked call between a US Senate Candidate and a prison inmate where the prison iate is asking how to help the candidate Matthews, the call reveals a new tactic for political campaigns used by the Mrs. Matthews are to have candidates run as the competition but really are a part of her own party. Mrs. Matthews calls for "secret sleepers".

Watch video here:

The political divide in our day is so strong that now we must wonder if the candidate we are voting for actually stands for our values and the values they state they hold. 

Furthermore US Senate Candidate Matthews encourages multiple forms of election crimes from stealing yard signs of the competition to funding her campaign with "dope boy money" a term used to speak of drug money.
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