Praise the Lord for life!

As I sit here at my desk in a quiet office, it seems a little surreal that I'm reading about something I didn't think I'd see in my lifetime. The Supreme Court decision to strike down Roe v. Wade is truly an answer to prayer. I will never forget a local doctor coming to my 7th grade class and presenting to us the wonders of human life through a powerful, hands-on visual aid. He had encased in acrylic a baby that had died in a miscarriage. The acrylic was basically the size of a paperweight, and this 1-2 inch long unborn baby was situated in the middle, with the umbilical cord still attached. He allowed us to pass it around and look closely at the intricacy of this tiny human being. He used this enormously powerful visual aid to teach our impressionable minds about life and being made in the image of God. I never forgot that, and in fact, it led me early on to have a passion for the pro-life cause. Though God still holds our nation guilty for the deaths of 63 million children over the past 49 years, we can rejoice that the killing will be curtailed in the future. We must also pray fervently for state legislators and governors across the country to enact state laws banning this grievous sin. Already, there is fighting among pro-life groups arguing that the laws should only prosecute doctors, and not others involved in abortion. They want to appear "gentle" toward the mothers and fathers who get abortions. While the mother and father are often afraid, alone, and hurting, believers must not let emotional arguments change the fact that the Bible says taking an innocent life is murder, regardless of who does it. We want to love, help, and present the gospel to those mothers and fathers who think abortion is their only option, but we must not water down what the Bible says about murder. Anyone involved in taking an innocent life doctors, mothers, fathers, family, and friends who encourage it or pay for it are guilty before God, and should be guilty before the law. I appreciate some of the comments by "faith leaders" made in the article below. Let's remember to pray for the protection of workers at pro-life facilities across the nation, and for the justices who so bravely stood up to the culture of death and voted to overturn this atrocity.
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