True justice; the religious zeal of pro-abortionists; mob mentality


Now that the dust is starting to settle just a little, I want to make a few more observations on the Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. First, we should examine the actual text of the decision, primarily authored by Justice Samuel Alito. The article below this pulls ten of the most compelling quotes from the over 200 page decision. Take note of the precise language that puts the entire decision in the context of the rule of law. The U.S. Constitution is the overarching law under which all governing authorities in the United States operate. All authority in our system of government flows from that document. In other words, it is the rule book and every person who holds an elective office is tasked with enforcing the rules. By contrast, if you examine the opinions of the dissenting justices you'll see appeals to emotion, pragmatism, and expediency, which actually ignore the "rules" of the Constitution. For example, whereas Justice Alito holds that the Constitution clearly relegates decisions about abortion to "the states and their elected representatives," the liberal justices appeal to a woman's right to "body autonomy." I've read the Constitution multiple times, and I've never found anything that closely resembles a right to "body autonomy." Similarly, in the decision the prior week that upheld the right to carry a concealed weapon, Justice Clarence Thomas referred to the specific phrase in the Constitution that says the citizens have a right to "keep and bear arms." In the dissent authored by now-retired Justice Stephen Breyer, you'll find references to needing to find a remedy to the recent shootings in Uvalde, TX and Buffalo, NY. While these mass shootings were tragic, they have nothing to do with the rights enumerated in the Constitution regarding keeping and bearing arms. This is the type of weak-minded, subpar legal thinking that brought us Roe v. Wade in the first place. This type of thinking is not based on the established rule of law, but on emotions, desired outcomes, and the twisting of the law by those in power to justify whatever they want. This is the opposite of justice, which should be constant and blind to whims, emotional appeals, and contemporary events.
Here's the problem, and what Christians should take away from this: our God is a God of precision, order, and justice. He does not change, nor does His Word change. He does not bend with the times, nor does He make exceptions based on emotions or what's trending. This stability is a basis for our hope. Through His Word, we know where we stand with God, we know what we must do to be saved, we know what we must do to receive forgiveness when we sin, and we know His standard of righteousness. The hope of unbelievers is that the rules will change or that they can be bent, because they don't like the rules and they refuse to submit to them. As believers, we should celebrate any decision that returns us to the rule of law. I'm personally thankful to have justices like Alito and Thomas who have such astute legal minds. That's worth celebrating on this Independence Day weekend!
This articles helps us understand why pro-abortion people are so angry about the Dobbs decision. The author refers to abortion as their sacrament, and notes the religious-like zeal of the pro-abortionists.
We've had a lot of rioting, mobs, and mass protests over the past few years. The Dobbs decision sparked multiple acts of violence this past week. This article from the Institute for Creation Research takes a biblical look at mobs and the mob mentality.
May the Lord use these to help you better understand our enemy and the tactics he and his followers use. As the hymn "Our Great God" states, he is cold and ruthless, and his pleasure is our harm.
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