Behind the scenes abortion updates


While the topic is still somewhat fresh I wanted to pass along some information that helps us be more discerning regarding the topic of abortion. The fight to stop the killing of the unborn is far from over, and now moves to different battlefields. Believers must be ready to resist evil in whatever arenas the enemy takes the fight. We are to be salt and light, preserving the image of God and slowing the moral decay of the culture, while at the same time shining the truth of the gospel as the only hope for sinners to be reconciled to God (Matt. 5:13-16). Knowing our enemy's tactics and not falling for their lies is part of being wise and discerning. First, this article tells the story of what was going on behind the scenes to get the Dobbs case to the Supreme Court in the first place. It's fascinating to see how believers and people who support life were thinking strategically and cooperating with politicians and attorneys to achieve a common goal for good. Further, it reveals how our God was sovereignly working to align multiple people and events at just the right time.
The next link is discouraging, but it gives a realistic view of the resistance we face from the abortion industry and wicked, activist judges who are thwarting the pro-life laws of multiple states. They will not give up their idol without a fight. As Christians, we should be very careful about whom we support in our statewide elections for judges.
The final link exposes the hypocrisy and true motives of the blood-thirsty abortion-rights activists and politicians as they have now begun trying to shut down crisis pregnancy centers like Seneca. This article has some very encouraging statistics about the 3,000+ crisis pregnancy centers across the nation and the types and volume of services they've been providing. I'm thankful for all they have been doing, usually free of charge.
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