Biblical perspective on why military recruitment is falling


America is facing a national security crisis that has dangerously accelerated over the past year.  The crisis is a rapid decline in recruits for the armed forces.  The military branches have already informed Congress that they will be forced to reduce their numbers of active duty servicemen.  They are asking for more money to increase recruiting efforts.  This, of course, is of particular importance for those of us who live near military bases and have members of the military in our congregations.  However, the problem goes much deeper than a lack of advertising.

I'm not proclaiming to be a prophet, but I have had many private conversations in which I expressed the similar concerns that a military recruitment problem would arise. Those who tried to raise the alarm at a national level have been silenced, canceled, accused of hatred, and drowned out by all the usual suspects in the media, entertainment, academia, and political establishment.  The reason is that the vast majority of recruits are young men from mostly rural backgrounds.  The push for the feminization of America and official government indoctrination of the "woke" ideology was already taking a foothold in the military twelve years ago, but today those efforts are in full swing.  The men who are the target recruits of the past are now being subjected to forced vaccinations, mandatory drag queen shows, lower physical fitness standards meant to accommodate women in combat positions, continuously berated as oppressors and bigots, and told that the country they are supposed to die for is flawed beyond repair.  And we're supposed to be shocked that fewer and fewer want to sign up for service!?!?  This propaganda push is beginning to produce consequences that will have lasting, dangerous implications for our national security.  The links below describe these problems in more detail, including a satirical perspective from The Babylon Bee.
These wicked leaders are amassing a heap of troubles that will bring about much future destruction by distorting God's created order, which Proverbs refers to as "moving the ancient boundaries" (Prv 22:28). Scripture says that a nation with wise leaders is stable and endures, but a nation led by fools has much instability (Prv 28:2). But we know that our God is at work, using even the wicked to let evil run its course (Prv 16:4) until the day He crushes it under His feet.
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