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Patience is a virtue that should be a mark and goal of every believer. It is a fruit of the Spirit that is important in our personal relationships, but it is also a gift of the Lord that will keep us from going crazy!  What do I mean by that?  If we wait patiently for the Lord we will not subject ourselves to the fretting, stress, and anxiety that accompany impatience. (See Psalms 33:20; 62:5; and 130:5-6).  Scripture has much to say about the rewards and blessings of those who are patient. (See Isa. 40:31).  In particular, when we trust that the Lord will have the final say, and that He will confound the "wise" by exposing their foolishness and lies, then we will not be enslaved to anxiety or fretting over current events. (See 1 Cor. 1:27; Rom. 1:18-32).  The following is an illustration of my point.

Biblical counselors have long proclaimed and held to Scripture's definitions of our problems.  We understand that God created man as dichotomous--body and soul/spirit (also referred to as the heart, or mind)--while the world holds the Darwinist view that we are only bodies composed of chemicals. (See Gen. 2:7; Matt. 10:28; Acts 7:59).  In order to hold that men and women are not accountable to God, the world must insist that all our problems are physical, not spiritual.  If our responses are the result of physical forces that are outside our control, then we can't help it, so the problem cannot be related to sin or spiritual issues.  Further, if our problems are only physical in nature, then there must be a physical solution to those problems.  Hence, any type of "mental" problem must be the result of a physical issue that can only be corrected by physical means, according to the materialistic worldview.  Christians must reject this worldview.  The Bible maintains that our soul/spirit is influenced by the body, but it is not controlled by it.  The body cannot force us to sin, but it can certainly increase the pressure for us to respond sinfully to factors impacting the body.
Take the example of depression.  The earliest record of anyone using the word "depression" is from 1807.  Prior to that, the primary word used to describe the phenomenon was the biblical term, "sadness."  The English-speaking world began to use the term "melancholy" around the Puritan era.  The world has been saying for the past 30-40 years that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  This imbalance has been labeled a "mental illness" for which the primary cure has been medication that alters the brain chemicals.  The medical and psychological establishment has bought into this explanation wholesale.  Billions of dollars have been spent on psychiatric "care" and billions more on pharmaceuticals.  In fact, the graph below compares the percentage of U.S. population who take prescription drugs for depression versus other major countries in the world.  The comparisons are staggering, especially when you consider the lower standards of living in those countries and the fact that most of them do not have any historical ties to a Christian worldview.
The following article provides a brief analysis, questioning the basic premise that depression is a chemical problem.  (I do not agree with her theological statement that we all have "a God-shaped hole in our heart."  Though her theology is off, she is correct to assert that there are both spiritual and physical explanations for our problems.)
Amazingly, in relation to my opening comments, around the middle of July, multiple science outlets began reporting that they have now concluded that depression is not caused by low chemical (serotonin) levels.  A lot of the statements in these articles are still in error and come from a thoroughly secular worldview, but I wanted you to see the basic "conclusion" they are drawing: all of their scientific "facts" regarding depression from the past 30-40 years are wrong.  This also means that all of their chemical solutions were wrong, as well.
Tucker Carlson spent a recent monologue addressing these reports in a very thought-provoking analysis.
The really tragic aspect of this is that the Bible says that it is OK and natural to be sad (Matt. 5:4; John 16:20; Isa. 61:1-3).  In fact, there is a time for it (Eccl. 3:4)!  It says that we are broken and our world is broken, which is cause for sadness and heaviness of heart.  The problem is that unbelievers--and believers who buy into their philosophy--do not know how to respond to sadness in a godly way.  Sadness is real and its causes cannot be controlled, but our response to the sadness can be controlled by the power of the Spirit.  The Bible tells us that if we are to deal with sadness of heart, we must lean on the Lord, hold tightly in hope to the truth, and if necessary, confess and repent of sin.  Drugs may make us numb to the sadness, but they have no power to change the underlying problem.  Drugs do not change the sad circumstances impacting us.  Drugs do not change the sad consequences of sinful behaviors of others that may be impacting us.  Drugs do not relieve the guilt of our own unconfessed sin.  Drugs make our feelings change, but not the reality.  I'll have more on this in the future, but I want to end with the statement that even the world is now admitting that their solutions to man's problems have been all wrong.  That's not much consolation to all the people who have bought into their lies and poured untold dollars down the drain.
On a related note, here's one more reason to not put much trust in pharmaceutical solutions to our problems.  The love of money is a root of all sorts of evil (1 Tim. 6:10).  I mentioned this on Sunday.  We should note that most of the people pushing these vaccines already have no regard for life in the womb.  In fact, in some social media posts, people are celebrating these miscarriages because they see mankind as earth's problem.  They want fewer babies.  They want population control.  Despite their motives, being flippant and dismissive about the loss of lives in the womb for the sake of profit and a political narrative is evil.  Be patient.  The Lord will have the final say.
Grace and peace to you,
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