Credit Card Companies Are Helping The Government Kill The Second Amendment

In a not so shocking discovery major credit card companies are now pending tracking codes to credit card purchases at stores that sell firearms.
International panel approves tracking code addition to gun store purchases to flag transactions.
This is in on going effort to curtail second amendment rights.

While most of the country still enjoys the ability of self protection with the ability to own firearms to protect your life and liberty against Those who would seek to harm it, it is an increasing trend in liberal states to try and remove this rate from Americans inch by inch.

This new practice among the major credit card companies is one of the underhanded ways the government is able to continue to track those who are making gun purchases.

With this novel practice credit card companies are assisting government agencies in the sense that when purchases are made these credit card companies are able and willing to hand over personal purchasing information on individuals shopping at outlets selling fire arms.

In this uphill battle to maintain your right to arm yourself for protection The government is now finding new ways to pressure private companies into providing private purchasing information to keep track of American citizens who are pro second amendment.
This devastating new procedure by credit card companies and our government is just another way of eroding the underlying Christian principles in our country.

The right to hone fire arms for the purpose of self preservation is a explicitly Christian principle. we see throughout the Scriptures the God give him right to preserving not only your own life but the life of your neighbor in deadly situations.

There have been and continue to be movements within the Christian church to argue for what is known as Christian pacifism. This is the doctrine that states that one has no right to defend oneself or a neighbor with deadly force or any force whatsoever. This is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what Jesus spoke when he said In Luke 29 to turn the other cheek.

What is so-called Christian pacifists failed to realize is the overwhelming evidence in the Scriptures that positively allow for self-defense and preservation of life of your neighbor.

For a biblical defense of self defense watch this video.
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