Transgender indoctrination in private schools; God doesn't make mistakes, or vestigial organs


I'm going to return to the recurring topic of transgenderism this week, as I have several times over the past few months.  I still have to shake my head whenever I write about this topic, as it is something that would have never crossed anyone's mind just a few years ago.  Yet, we are inundated with the culture's messages about this on a daily basis.  To ignore the topic or pretend it is a "minor" issue would be to misunderstand what time it is.  The "time" is one where Christians must understand that the forces of darkness have been emboldened by their successes in every area of culture--political, educational, entertainment, media, churches, arts, and even sports (see 1 John 5:19).  Their confidence is inspiring them to be more aggressive towards the true church and more bold in their defiance of God.  Christians who do not take the "time" seriously will be those who are most vulnerable to fall.

On that note, the schools are one area that Christians have recently been "shocked" into realizing what time it is.  Those behind the agenda to undermine God's created order have been very intentional in their efforts to infiltrate schools.  However, Christians cannot make the mistake of believing that their efforts are only in the public schools. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in a sermon, they are already embedded in many, if not most, private schools. The following articles give some more shocking context about the extent of their reach into the schools, particularly private institutions.
One of the key premises of the transgender agenda is to assert that God made mistakes regarding our sex, or gender (which is worldly terminology and not a biblical concept).  They argue that a person who feels like he or she is the wrong gender should be free to change that gender.  One of the glaring fallacies of their arguments is that they also assert that if someone is gay or lesbian that God "made them that way" and that no one should attempt to change him or her.  In fact, several states and countries have passed laws banning doctors or counselors from talking to anyone about changing their sexual orientation.  They get tangled up in hypocrisy and contradictions as they spin their lies and propaganda to rationalize their sinful lusts.

The Bible declares that God did not make mistakes when He created, but that everything was "very good" (Gen. 1:31).  Neither does He cause anyone to sin (James 1:13).  This interesting interview from a research scientist at The Institute for Creation Research talks about the evidence against the concept of "vestigial organs," or organs and body parts that have "evolved" and no longer have a useful function.  This once popular evolutionary theory has been clearly debunked, but many of us were taught that it was a "fact" when we were younger.  This short ICR interview discusses how God, the master designer/engineer made no mistakes in designing any aspect of His creation.

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