Deadly consequences of worshiping the false god of electric cars


In previous posts I've made the assertion that at the root of environmentalism is the need for unbelievers to manufacture a new set of virtues that they can keep.  They do not obey God's laws, and they hate Christians because we do (Matt. 5:10).  They devise ways to make Christians the evil sinners in society and themselves the good and virtuous.  (See Isaiah 5:20).  Environmentalism has every characteristic of a religion.  Don't be fooled just because they don't have a name for their "god" or because they don't go to a specific place of worship. They have their own sacraments by which they make themselves holy and everyone else unclean.  One of their most sacred tenets is the idol of "renewable energy" and the biggest symbol of allegiance to it is becoming the electric car. In fact, the largest state, in which a significant percentage of all cars in America are sold, has just mandated that all gasoline powered car sales will be illegal after 2034.  This, of course, will force car manufacturers to comply.

However, just like the idols of the ancient Canaanites, the god of the electric car is a god that destroys those who worship it.  The idols that men concoct are stupid, made out of the very materials that the one, true God created, and will all perish from the earth. (See Jer. 10:1-11.  As a side note, Jer. 5:22 says that the seas will not rise and flood the planet because God has set its boundaries.)  And when those idols are destroyed, they will take down those who worship them.  So, here are some stories that are starting to trickle out about how these idols that are supposed to "save" the planet are actually very dangerous, much more deadly than gasoline-powered cars, and are in the end more destructive to the planet.  Man who lives by his idols will die by them.
Disclaimer:  I'm not against owning an electric car, especially for those who can make an economical case for it based on the miles they drive, cost of maintenance, etc.  What I am addressing here are those who believe that electric cars will "save the planet," who feel a sense of self-righteousness because they drive or own one, and who look with disdain upon others who drive gasoline-powered vehicles.

The sum of it all is that believers have one mission that involves saving the planet: preach the gospel to lost, dying souls!

Grace and peace to you,

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