Planned Parenthood Silently Changes Definition of Heartbeat

Planned Parenthood recently changes the definition of heart beat in order to soften the reality that performing an abortion is murder. The organization that bills itself as a medical facility for preparing for parenting does the very opposite and is more like a house of baby horrors.

Watch this independent news commentary for more:
In a recent change to their guidance of pregnant mothers, The Daily Mail reports “ Planned Parenthood quietly changes its guidance for pregnant mothers at the height of the Roe v. Wade debate earlier this year from telling them a baby's heartbeat could be detected at six weeks, to instead describing it as 'activity that sounds like a heartbeat'.”
Stacy Abrams, former Georgia State Rep. said in a panel discussion the heartbeat sound at 6 weeks is fake watch the video below.
As orthodox Christian’s we must stand firm and speak the truth about this societal evil which is why merely being pro life and conservative isn’t enough. A Christian must have a fully formed biblical worldview if it desires to be salt and light in this world.

For more biblical resources on abortion and hope for those who have engaged in such an evil act click below for more info.
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