Open the Doors

Mar 19, 2021    Joshua Kriese

Coronavirus has done a number on all of us. The Church has taken the brunt of a lot of nonsense this past year. In this track, we sought to call the Church to obey the commands of Christ. Romans 13 has been needlessly abused. We’re to obey Christ rather than man (see Acts 5:29). We sought to call the church to radical obedience, which is simply obedience. We know that the commands of God are not burdensome, and for all of this “love your neighbor” talk, we don’t have the right to redefine love contrary to God’s word. 1 John 5:2-3 is very clear in this regard. If we’re not obeying Christ’s commands, we do not love our neighbor, and we do not love God. Open the Doors.