The Acrostic of Scripture | A-J (Lyric Video)

Timothy Brindle

Based on the book, "The Acrostic of Scripture: A Rhyming Biblical Theology for Kids" by Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle, this Timothy seeks to show families how people, places, events, and themes in the Bible connect to God's one unfolding story of salvation in Jesus Christ. Just as God uses acrostic poems and rhyme as a teaching tool in Scripture (e.g., Psalms 25, 37, 112-113, and 119, and the book of Lamentations), the Acrostic Theology for Kids series consists of books and hip-hop albums that are a mini systematic theology curriculum for children and their parents. To see the videos for "The Acrostic of Scripture Song 2: K - S" and "The Acrostic of Scripture Song 3: T-Z", download the WG Universe app:

Produced by Nobody Special

All songs mixed and mastered by Aaron Warner and Noisette St. Jean at Wrath and Grace Studios